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    Christmas in Jamaica

    Posted on 11th Oct 2014 @ 11:49 PM

    Experience Christmas in Jamaica through the eyes of Sunny Tours Jamaica, there is no white Christmas in Jamaica except for the beautiful white sand along our beaches. During the month of November one could start feeling the cool crisp Christmas breeze in the air.

    By this people in Jamaica would start giving their houses fresh coat of paint, Tree Trunks, Stones would be white washed. Radio stations in Jamaica would be playing Christmas carols all day long. The entire Jamaica look forward to what we call Grand market(Christmas Eve) the streets are packed with people from all walks of life doing shopping, celebrating with music and Jankunoo.

    Christmas day 80% of Jamaica’s population gets up early for exchange of gifts, to start dinner and Breakfast. After which everyone heads out to church to give thanks. After church people hustle home to finish up dinner, which is usually Roast Ham, Roast Chicken Curried Goat, Manish Wata, Rice and Peas, Potato Salad, Vegetables etc… Desserts consist of Christmas cake Christmas pudding and a drink called Sorrel usually highly flavored with over proof white rum and red label wine.

    Jamaica is a very special place to be at Xmas time.
    Certain flowers will bloom and there is a festive mood in the air that cannot be found anywhere else.
    The smell of the cooking of foods that are only done at Xmas will float through the air.
    Gate posts, rocks lining a driveway and tree trunks are given a coat of whitewash paint
    Even the music is unique. It is a joy to listen to carols being played with a tropical beat that will fill your ears with pleasure.
    Dancing on the white sand beaches listening to a reggae version of Jingle Bells will live with you forever.
    A dip in the warm blue waters of the Caribbean on Xmas day is the perfect way to welcome Santa.
    Many million Jamaicans now live abroad and the common joke is that we hope
    they will not all return home at the same time or the island will sink.
    However, from December to Jan 6th, it is difficult to get in and out of Jamaica easily.
    All us returning citizens come down to visit family, friends, relatives
    and simply because there is no other place like Jamaica at this time.
    We bring extra money, gifts and joy to everyone.
    Make your plans early to avoid disappointments.
    Mark your bags very clearly to avoid confusion and losing them.
    The festive spirit is very catching and you will soon be a part of this cultural event
    If you can, please do not miss the chance to see all this through the eyes of Sunny Tours Jamaica


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