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    Trelawny An Adventurous Parish

    Posted on 1st Jul 2015 @ 1:13 AM

    Want to know about the beautiful parish of Trelawney? An alluring parish of the ravishing Caribbean Island Jamaica. Known for its great reggae music and for it’s popular and known globally musician Bob Marley, one of the legends of music. Trelawney is the fifth largest parish of Jamaica. It is known for it’s sugar estates and sugarcane mills. This parish had the most sugar estates than the other parishes of Jamaica. That means more sugarcane, isn’t that mouth watering? This parish was also known to have the largest group of Maroons in the island, amazing isn’t it?

    Who wouldn’t want to vacay in Trelawney? With it’s amazing attractions like, Glistening Waters where the water takes you into a magical place, Martha Brae Rafting, Good Hope Estate. Paintball Jamaica, where families and friends come together and battle in a fun and colorful game. Not only does Trelawney has fun and astonishing attractions, additionally this is where the fastest man in the world was born, the talented and gifted Usain Bolt. Trelawney is a marvelous parish blanketed by lush green trees, and an alluring place to relax and where fun memories are made.

    Martha Brae was once the Capital of Trelawney, after the British and the Spanish battled a lot changed, including the names of our Parish Capitals. Falmouth now known to be the parish capital plays a vital role in tourism in Jamaica. Falmouth now the main hub for cruise ship in Jamaica was once the main export point for: Sugar, Rum, Coffee and Banana. Falmouth Trelawney is now the main host for the great Jazz and Blues festival in Jamaica that features international and local artist such as: Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Beres Hammond, Richie Stephens, Josey Wales, Judy Mowatt and more.


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