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    Top 10 Must Try Local Dishes

    Posted on 3rd Nov 2015 @ 3:56 AM

    • Ackee & Saltfish with Bammy
    •  Pumpkin Soup with Crayfish or River shrimps (Busso)
    • Jerk accompanied with Festival, roasted Breadfruit and Avocados(chicken, jerked pork and fish worth trying)
    •  Oxtail Stew
    •  Curry Goat
    •  Gungo Pea Soup
    •  Crayfish – especially curried in a rich creamy coconut sauce
    •  Jamaican style Steamed Fish with Crackers
    •  Rice and Peas (Side order)
    •  Gungo Peas (Side Order) Coco Bread
    •  Coco Bread Gizzadas  ( coconut Tartlet/Pie)
    •  Beef Patties

    These are just a few of the authentic dishes served in local homes and restaurants in Jamaica. Mouth watery dishes, flavoured with local spices, and herbs, meals cooked from the heart. Unbeilavable flavours coming from local ingredients such as; Scotch Bonnet Pepper, All Spice(Pimento), Scallion, Thyme, Ginger etc... Taste layers of different flavors as they tantalize your taste buds.



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